Old MacDonald's Farm!

Today children of HappyLand kids family day care in Arundel QLD, visited Old MacDonald’s farm on organised educational trip. We started our day off inside with all of our friends to stay dry from the wet weather! As our journey continued, we all put on our shoes and socks and lined up at the doors to go down and visit the animals! It was so much fun! We got to pat the animals and we also got to feed them. It was ticklish when the animals ate out of our hands cause their tongues would lick us! Kids were photographed with funny faces & stored at our family day care centres in Australia.

We were all super excited to see the farm animals and were very helpful when brainstorming what farm animals we thought might be coming, saying what animals are on a farm and what noises they make! The children all seemed to love patting and feeding the animals and we all couldn't stop smiling when we were surrounded by the animals!

We were all super brave around the animals even if we were a bit scared at first, letting the animals come close to us and then giving them a quick pat. It was a remarkable experienced grabbed by children of HappyLand kids family day care in Arundel QLD of visiting Old MacDonald’s farm

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