Drum beats!

Today we had African Drum Beats come to visit at our HappyLand Kids early childhood centre in Parkwood for a fantastic interactive Drum show. In our Preschool room, there were little wooden drums all over the place. Nick said to kids – “I would had joined the HappyLand Kids if it would had been early childhood centre near me”. The man, Nick was so excited to see all the children and encouraged them all to sit on their drums. Some of the children sat straight down and started to bang on the drum. It was very loud but the children were excited to see what Nick had to show them. The drums all come from Africa and are used to send messages. Nick's drum is called a Jembay and he has been playing it since he was little. His mum used to tell him to go for a walk as he was far too noisy! So off he went to play his Jembay as he walked to his friends' house.

Nick taught the children how to say Hello in Chinese (Ni hao), Spanish (Ola, ole), Australian, (Hello and G'Day mate). Once the children could say these, Nick showed them how to bang the syllables onto their drum. He also used the term, big scary lion, which they all had a go at. Nick was teaching the children rhythm by asking them to say words as they banged on their drums. Nick also had brought along some other types of Drums. One was called a Doumbek which is a Middle Eastern Drum that can make you dance as it is magic! Up jumped all the children ready to dance away to the beat of the Doumbek. What great dancers we have! Then Nick showed the children another drum, it is called a Cajun and is from South America, Peru. It looked just like a box with a hole in it. The children had a fantastic time banging on their drums and making so much noise. What a great interactive show today!

Thank you, Nick for coming our HappyLand Kids early childhood centre in Parkwood

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