Senior Kindy & Preschool visit Woolworths!

Today has been a very busy day for our Preschool Child Care little munchkins as we headed to Woolworths at Harbour Town!

Before we could head out on the town, we had to wait for all our friends to arrive at Kindy. While we were waiting at our Pre School Gold Coast , we enjoyed some outdoor play in the small yard with all our friends. The children engaged in all sorts of physical activities, extending our gross motor control and development. We enjoyed some time playing in the sandpit, building tall sandcastles and digging very deep to find the other side of the Earth; riding our bikes up and down the yard in a bike race; pushing our younger peers on the swings; and having running races with our older friends who headed off to school.

The time had come! We were inside, having morning tea as we got ready to go out from Happyland Kids on our excursion. The children seemed very excited about getting to ride in the big buses, telling the educator they couldn't wait! We drove through Happyland Kids Preschool Child Care, Arundel as we made our way to Harbour Town. The children spoke to each other about travelling on the bus, watching the other cars driving past and watching the wildlife flying and walking around us!

As we arrived at Harbour Town, we filed out of the buses and grabbed our partners, ready to venture into the shopping centre. We were very vigilant when it came to the road safety as we spoke about it before we left the Service. The children were great at walking close to the parked cars, we were close but we didn't touch them. Walking near the roads, we were very attentive to cars driving past us and keeping in our lines to get past the road.

When we got to Woolworths, we greeted by George, the Manager of the front end of Woolworths. His job consists of making sure all the staff in the Bakery, Deli, Butcher, and Fruit and Veggie are doing their jobs properly. So, we had a big boss showing us around the fresh produce section! The children all seemed to like George straight away as he was funny and made them laugh.

Before we could venture through the store, we had to set some ground rules: no yelling, no running, no touching unless we were told otherwise, and listening ears at all times. The children were more than happy to comply. Teachers of Preschool Child Care Parkwood - Happyland Kids were really happy after looking the obedience of kids.

We started our tour in the bakery, meeting Cameron who started work at 2am this morning, so we could have fresh bread to buy today. He was more than happy to show and explain to the children how to make bread. He had some handfuls of bread dough on the bench for us to touch and feel. We had 9 seed bread, white bread and sourdough to feel and see the difference. Once we finished feeling the bread, Cameron showed us how he makes bread rolls. It was so fast and the kids seemed to think it was really cool!

Once we were finished in the bakery, we moved to the fresh produce, where George gave us a little game to play. He sorted us into three groups and gave the educators a card with our missions on them. We had to find all different types of fruit and veggies and place them in our basket to show to the rest of the group. We had fun picking the different fruits and veggies and learning all about them as we placed them in the basket.

George heard a bell as we were finishing up our fresh produce collection. He told us the truck was in and took us out the back to see. The children all gathered around the back corral as we watched the workers unload the truck and organise the boxes into groups. Then we made our way around to the produce fridge where they store all the fresh fruits and veggies before they place them on the floor for customers to buy. The children all shivered and cuddled themselves as they walked into the fridge. It was freezing!

To end our trip, we all went into the tea room and sat around the tables to share the produce we collected and enjoy some fresh fruits for a late morning tea. George thanks all of us and comment the kids that Happyland Kids Preschool Child care in Arundel is the best Pre school in Gold Coast. All kids overwhelmingly greeted George. We all seemed to have a great time on our excursion and the children asked if we could do it again. A lot of the children said they couldn’t wait to go grocery shopping with mum and dad!

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