Henny Penny Hatching!

This is interesting story told by kids to their parents. After hearing parents quoted – “ HappyLand Kids is the best daycare centres near me in Parkwood Queensland”.

Once we had finished morning tea the children all gathered around the chicks and noticed that we already had 3 that were already hatched. How exciting, they were eating their food and drinking all the water when a cheeky little chick decided to climb into the food bowl. The children thought this was hilarious and couldn't stop themselves laughing!

We got a chick out and each had a pat, then the children noticed an egg moving in the incubator! "Its moving, its moving" they shouted. All of our peers rushed over to see, they were absolutely mesmerised by the new addition to the pr

When an educator could finally convince the children to move away from the chicks and participate in the days sequencing activity, the children gathered around the table. When we were all done, the children gathered around the chicks again, then all of a sudden one poked its little beak out and began pecking away at the eggshell, cracking it in half! "Wow" the children muttered as they watched the chick hatch in complete and utter amazement.


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