Australian Eggstravaganza Show!

Today all of the children at Happyland Kids, early childcare centre Parkwood, gathered in the preschool room and were greeted by Chantelle with a wonderfully, bright set up for our Australian Eggstravaganza Show! This is one of the cheer show in which parents quoted – “HappyLand kids is the best early child care centre near me in QLD”

During the show today we met a lot of different Australian animal puppets and learnt some interesting facts as they sung and danced along. Our group learnt how to walk like an emu, swim like a platypus, snap like a crocodile, slither like a snake, flap our wings like a bird, and hop like a kangaroo.

The children were allowed to dress up as Kangaroos and hop around the room; practice being a mummy Koala with a baby clinging on their backs, crawling carefully along the ground so that the baby didn’t fall off; demonstrate how to walk like an Emu, and laugh like Kookaburras! The group of children were so excited and happy to stand up in front of their friends and role model how it was done.

We had so much fun learning, singing, dancing and performing for our friends at the Australian Eggstravaganza Show today!

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