Our 'Winter Wonderland' Show

Today the Service combined together for a morning of Christmas celebrations. We all joined in the Preschool room of a HappyLand Kids early learning centre in Gold Coast Australia for a “Winter Wonderland” show where we me Chantelle and Juliette, our performers. As we were entering the room and getting prepared to watch the show, Chantelle gathered 12 of our little friends to dress up and help out with the show.

Laylah was Rudolph; Kainoah was Santa; Matilda was Mrs Claus; Eden, Indianna, Emily, Skylar and Ally were our Snow Fairies; and Raiden, Ava, Nicholas, and Olivia were our Penguins. The children were all suited up and ready to engage in the show. Rivva and Eva seemed to enjoy watching the children, not being able to take their eyes off our friends dressed up and dancing around the room!

At HappyLand Kids early learning centre in Gold Coast Australia started the show with the Jingle Bells, singing along with Chantelle as she introduced our dressed up friends. Kainoah was our first little friend to appear in front of the group as Santa Claus, dancing around with Chantelle for the audience. As they were dancing, Chantelle thought Mrs Claus might have been getting jealous, so she invited her to come on over for a dance as well. Before Mr and Mrs Claus could have a dance together, Chantelle asked Matilda who was the ‘big boss’ in the North Pole, Mr or Mrs Claus to which Matilda replied saying that Santa was the boss. Once we sorted out who the boss of the North Pole was, Kainoah and Matilda took each other’s hands and danced, twirling and whirling around in circles.

After the children’s dance together, it was time to meet our little penguin friends. Raiden, Ava, Nicholas and Olivia hopped up and showed us all how to dance like a penguin – waddling from side to side! As we were dancing, the children invited their friends to all hop up and have a go, and we all waddled around the room, dancing to the music.

As our penguins slowed down, it was time for our snow fairies to help with the celebrations. The small group of girls; Eden, Indianna, Emily and Skylar hopped up and began their snow dance with Chantelle. The children sitting in the audience helped with this dance, waving their hands in the air to create snowflakes for our fairies to dance with. Our snow fairies waved their hands in the air too, as they shook their pompoms to help with the snowflakes. We all enjoyed dancing along to Elsa singing Frozen’s ‘Let it go”.

The music faded out and as it did, the children noticed Zander standing up to be our snowman, like Olaf. Our snow fairies started building our snowman, dressing him with buttons, a scarf and mittens! But you can’t forget his carrot nose and top hat! Zander was turned into Frosty the Snowman. Ninix, Darchel and Lachlan jumped up and became our little snow bunnies, wearing little bunny hats and dancing up in front of all our little friends. The group then all joined in on the fun, dancing along to the music, doing the snow bunny dance.

Half way through the show, the children told Chantelle that we can skate on ice. So, Skylar and Ally showed us how to do some ice skating, twirling, whirling and dancing like they were on ice. The children sitting down, watching the show worked together to create snowflakes for our skaters to catch. It was then Laylah’s turn to show us all how reindeer's fly, dancing to “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” with Chantelle. We all did very well at practicing how to fly like Rudolph. Chantelle then called our little penguins back up in front of everyone and helped them show their cheeky side! They would dance and dance and dance, then stop scaring our little friends sitting down watching. They even waddled over to scare Miss Taylor!

To end the show, HappyLand Kids early learning centre in Gold Coast Australia, we all jumped up and danced along to some of our favourite Christmas songs as a group. We all seemed to enjoy the show, having huge grins and smiles on our faces throughout the morning. The children also cheered and clapped for their friends who helped perform in the show this morning.

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