Elf on the Shelf

Bringing in the Christmas spirit, Happyland Kids Childcare Early Learning Centre Arundel QLD has welcomed two new members to the team throughout the December period - Oliver and Olivia. The two little visitors have been up to a lot of mischief since arriving on the 1st December!

1st - Oliver and Olivia arrived at Happyland Kids Childcare Centre. They were seen on the preschool bench, sitting amongst some Christmas pompoms and snowmen! One of kid quoted – “ Oliver and Olivia are best of all in Early Learning Centre Near Me

4th - Oliver and Olivia hanging around. Both of our elves were found hanging out of Miss Fiona's pot plant in the Babies room!

5th - Oliver and Olivia decided to do some climbing. They climbed our Christmas tree and interactive whiteboard!

6th - Oliver and Olivia perched themselves on our art shelf. The two elves sat and watched the children play today!

7th - Oliver and Olivia made quite the mess on our Preschool bench. They wrote 'Merry Xmas' on our preschool bench, and got into the wet wipes!

8th - Oliver and Olivia once again decided to do some climbing. They wrapped our Christmas tree in toilet paper!

11th - Oliver and Olivia reigning in the Christmas spirit. The cheeky elves caught Rudolph! They were making all happy at HappyLand Kids Early Learning Centre Arundel QLD

12th - Oliver and Olivia got themselves in a bit of a tangle. Both of our elves were wrapped up in the Christmas twirling ribbon!

13th - Oliver and Olivia computing around. Our elves were having some fun on Miss Karen's computer today!

14th - Oliver and Olivia were found on the Preschool microwave getting into lollies and chocolate. Oliver seems to really like M'n'Ms!

15th - Oliver and Olivia were seen high up in the sky on a glider and in a paper plane, flying in the Preschool room!

18th - Oliver and Olivia, signing in for duty. Our little friends helping to sign the children in this morning and afternoon!

19th - Oliver and Olivia were caught with Gingerbread men. Unfortunately, our Gingerbread men were not in one piece, Oliver and Olivia had broken them up!

20th - Oliver and Olivia had made a huge mess all over the Preschool bench. It looked like the two little elves had had a lot of fun with the cooking flour the previous night!

21st - Oliver and Olivia got themselves into a sticky situation. Olivia was taped to the wall while Oliver had his hands stuck together!

22nd - Oliver and Olivia decided to go fishing. Both the elves were found trying to catch our fish from the tank!

We will miss our cheeky elves! Until next time!

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