Today our whole southport child care Arundel HappyLand Kids centre participated in a visit from Brave Hearts Foundation. Brave hearts specialises in providing personal safety education programs for children as well as tailored child protection training packages to support, encourage and nurture a culture of child protection within organisations working with and providing support to young people. After looking our southport day care Queensland Australia facility, Bravehearts team praised the children and the staff.

The children were excited to Meet Ditto the lion, who played a very important part in the show helping the children understand about happy/good feelings, Sad/angry feelings and Unsafe feelings. We learnt about Yes and No feelings. A yes feeling meant we felt happy and safe, whereas No feeling could mean that we may feel butterflies in our tummy, wibbly wobbly legs or our heart beating fast.

We sang a song with Ditto which teaches us to "Run and tell someone we trust and if they can't help you, then find someone who can, run and tell someone you can trust. We also discussed private parts of our body, that they are private to us and for ourselves only.

Children are learning life skills that can help to keep them or someone they love safe. They are learning the importance of identifying an unsafe feeling and what to do about it, disclosing to a trusted friend adult or family member.

Braveherats team informed that HappyLand Kids southport child care Arundel centre know many of the things already which is really good for kids.

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