Our Manners show

Today our whole Child care services, Gold Coast centre participated in a show all about manners. Miss Chantelle brought along Polite Poppy and Rude Ruby for the children to meet. Polite Poppy has really good manners while Rude Ruby has terrible manners; she talks over the top of teachers, pushes in and is rude to friends.

Happyland kids team is thankful to Mr. Sam – Director, for sharing the wonderful idea of manners show for our Child care services centre in Gold Coast, Queensland. He guides our team how manners show will positive effect on the child services.

The children learnt that respect means you act in a way that shows you care about people's feelings, things and well-being. They also learnt that responsibility means we look after our belongings and each other. Kids were informed that well mannered also consists of how child services to elders. Really good manners means being helpful & polite!

Miss Chantelle asked Benjamin to stand up and he repeated "I promise to be responsible", Eden said "I respect you" and Grace said, "I have really good manners". Miss Chantelle then showed us her big pink hand that has 5 fabulous phrases on it these phrases were "Please, Thank-you, Your Welcome, Excuse Me and I'm Sorry. Blake was called up to hold the phrase and say "Please can I have some milk?" Benjamin said, "Thank you, teachers, for teaching me". Parker said, "Excuse me while I get past". Raiden said, "I'm sorry!" Lenny said "Your welcome".

What great manners everyone was showing their friends. Miss Chantelle then told the group the golden rule which is, you do to others as you want to be done to you, and it's always important to say sorry. I'm sorry is important to say right away without delay.

Miss Chantelle then asked Blake, Benjamin, Nicholas, Summer, Olivia and Raiden to come up the front and hold some dolls. She explained to everyone that even though we look different or like different things it doesn't matter because we are the same on the inside and we all deserve respect and really good manners!

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