Mother's Day Morning Tea!

Happyland Kids planned a lovely surprise for kids and mothers. One of the mother after meeting us said – “Happyland kids is the best children care centre near me in Parkwood.

Today was our Mother's Day Morning Tea and it was a lovely day outside, spent with our mums! Some of the children from the Kookaburras, Emus and Joey's rooms were excited to find their mums had come in and surprised them to spend the morning with them in their kindy environment! We had lots of activities to share with our mums and we didn't know where to start! We had drawing and colouring at a set of tables, dinosaurs exploring the gardens and on the grassy table, reading in and around the teepee, then our general exploration of the big yard! The children seemed very excited to share their morning with their mums, and the mums were even spoilt with biscuit and tea/coffee!

It was lovely to see all our mums who come and share this time with their children, we thank you! With their gestures one thing was confirmed from their perspective that Happyland kids is the best learning children centre near me in Arundel.

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