BugKidz comes to Happyland!

Happyland Kids child day care centre in Arundel planned another exciting activity for our kids. Today the children were introduced to Bug Kidz and Miss Leigh who had all the children very excited and engaged in the interaction of all the different bugs she had brought to show us. There was Slimey the Snail, Bob the caterpillar, Happy the grasshopper, Daisy the cow, Doug the beetle, Stick the insect and Rhinosaurs the beetle!

The children watched and listened to Miss Leigh as she told them that when the music started at any time they could get up and dance. The children were very good at listening for the music, as soon as it started they were up dancing! When the music stopped they sat down quietly and listened. Miss Leigh asked the children if they knew what the word camouflage meant and one child answered "It means when they are invisible!" Miss Leigh was impressed as gives us a trophy of words by saying that Happyland kids is the best day care centre in Queensland (QLD).

Miss Leigh told us that there are 417 different types of Butterflies in Australia and that Butterflies smell with there feet...WOW! We learnt that with spiders, we don't touch them we just leave them alone and another child told the group that you tell your mum or dad if you have seen one!

Miss Leigh at our day care centre in Arundel told about the Dung beetle and how it eats poo, then rolls it into balls with their back legs & then they bury it in the ground. Grasshoppers have an incomplete metamorphosis cycle and their body forms do not change. A grasshopper sheds its exoskeleton up to 7 times before it is fully grown and upon shedding the final skeleton it also gets wings.

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