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Happyland Kids has been operating in the Arundel/Parkwood community since May 2004. The centre is a family owned and operated childcare centre that caters for children from 0-5 years, as well as primary school aged children.


At Happyland Kids we offer parents the best quality care by providing you with trained qualified staff.

By having qualified staff, the teachers are able to provide the children with challenging and developmentally appropriate programs to cater for each of the children's needs.

During your child's time at Happyland Kids, you and your child will have fun and feel comfortable in your surroundings, due to staff being caring and supportive of the children's, parents and visitors individual needs. 


We look forward to meeting you, and hope this website will provide you more detail about our centre.


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Happy Feet Fitness

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U Ripper Fit Kids

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The Facts
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Happyland Kids
Child Care Centre

184 Napper Road, Arundel, Qld 4214
(Opposite Arundel State School) 

Tel: (07) 5594 0066

Fax: (07) 5594 0029

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday 6:30am -6:30pm

Closed only on Public Holidays

Centre Inclusions

Nutritious Multicultural Meals

Hats & Sunscreen

Full Accredited Government CCS Funded Kindergarten Program

Extra-Curricular Programs

Provide your details below and we will be in contact

At the beginning of this year we changed from another centre in Arundel and I am so glad we made the move.
My 18mth old daughter is thriving at Happyland and I am thrilled with the outstanding level of care that she receives 😊
Karen and her entire team of Educators are fantastic. Every morning when I drop off my daughter we are greeted by caring staff who are happy to be at work in a supportive centre with a community feel - this is just one of the main factors I was after - happy staff equals happy children!
Within the short few months we have been there the staff have taken a great interest in my daughter and have gotten to know her so well. We are totally on the same page with every aspect of her care and I walk out of the centre knowing that she’ll have all of her needs taken care of throughout her fun & interesting day.

This year we have seen the addition of Native Bees (with no stingers) & Guinea Pigs to the centre. The kids are delighted with these pets & my daughter often says bees & guinea pigs in her own way when on the way to Kindy in the mornings!
Another aspect of the centre that I’m impressed by is their feedback process. Every day I am provided with a variety of photos and extensive written feedback about exactly what has happened throughout the day. I am also able to have this feedback emailed directly to my family interstate with keeps the grandparents super happy too!

Nappy changes, bottle quantities & times, sleep times & duration & meals are also clearly documented for me to see every day which is so helpful. I can not recommend this centre enough for your child. It is exactly what a childcare centre should be - family-focused! I have no hesitation at all in recommending this centre to other families.

Chelsie McEnearney

An excellent place for our children to grow, learn and develop. The amazing love & support from all the teachers at Happyland is just awesome. Our children are our future. It's amazing to see our kids achieving outstanding results from everything they see and learn at kindy everyday. Thank you Happylands

April 30, 2015 · 

Cath Daly

Two years ago, I walked into this centre with a toddler who was still in his nappies & drinking his milk bottle. We were greeted with the warmest and caring feeling from Karen & Taylor. The ladies never judged me nor questioned me and my situation, they welcomed us with open arms. Before I knew it both my boys were registered and taken care of by the educators at Happyland (one toddler and one before and after school care). Happyland is a second home for my boys because they get treated with fairness, love, respect amongst everything else. 


I cannot thank the team at Happyland enough for their enormous support in helping me (a single mother) completely new state, new surroundings, a new journey of nurturing, educating and supporting my boys and me. If ever I get stuck, I can/could always count on the educators at Happyland and their wonderful friendly, understanding, efficient and professional service. That instant family orientated feeling the minute you drive through the gates & the warm "Good Morning" greetings when you walk inside. 


In life ahead - My boys and I will never forget the people who have supported us and helped us along our journey. We are truly blessed to have met Karen, Taylor, Courteny, Rena, Kane, Jin, Fiona, Sam, Judy and the team at Happyland Kids Centre. We will cherish our new family and enormously gratefully thankful for everything. Thank you so very much Ladies and Gents for Everything xox

Taupule Narayan

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